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Demand for teeth whitening is booming! Most people want to look and feel good about themselves and having a white, bright smile can uplift one's self-esteem and self-confidence. Unfortunately, most professional products and services are too expensive for the average, hard working person costing upward of $500-$600! Other over the counter products, while less expensive, can take days or weeks to work.

What if someone could whiten their teeth in less than 30 minutes at a cost that is one-fifth of professional services?

Welcome to Wow Smile Express! America's less than 30 Minute Teeth Whitening Program

With industry sales of over $30 billion dollars, the demand for cosmetic teeth whitening has created a very lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to

own their own mall based kiosk. Why a mall? People go to malls to shop. The average mall generates over 800,000 customers per month. If you factor in the mall employees, you have a large customer base to draw from without having to do any expensive advertising!

Become a Wow Smile Express Mall Kiosk Owner

Exploding Teeth Whitening Industry- over $30 billion!
Be Your Own Boss
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